About us

TICKEN, the first touch-typing course that operates climate-neutral.

TICKEN is a company that takes into account the impact of its activities on the environment and has an eye for people, both inside and outside the organisation. We embrace sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The balance of "profit, planet and people” leads to better results for us, but also for society.

TICKEN preserves the environment where possible. No luxury lease cars, expensive offices or unnecessary paper usage. Where possible, we use FSC-certified paper that originates from responsibly managed forests.

TICKEN is climate-neutral TICKEN is climate-neutral. We compensate all our CO2 emissions through projects of the Climate Neutral Group. We also compensate the CO2 emissions, which involve the dispatch of our mail and parcels. TICKEN does this with TNT Post, which doubles the amount of compensation from TICKEN. The compensation amount is invested in a wind farm in India.

We are an internet based company and we use a high performance server for our website and course applications. All CO2 emissions which are related to our server, are compensated by us. We do this through an organisation called Cleanbits.

Through local tree planting to compensate our CO2 production, we contribute directly to forest plantations in the ground, which is guaranteed to remain a minimum of 99 years. The tree planting takes place in the Netherlands. By taking this course, you are personally contributing to a better environment.
Ticken compensates CO2 emissions


Customer reviews

I liked the course and can now touch type everything. I'm glad I succeeded and no longer have to practise every day.
David Grismore