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About the touch-typing course for children and adults

A handy skill: touch-typing

Thanks to the interactive approach (via internet, videos and typing games) children and adults will learn touch-typing in an effective but playful manner. After each typing lesson you can see your personal study result.

There are 30 typing lessons. With just 3 typing lessons per week, you will complete the touch-typing course in only 10 weeks.

The strong points of the TICKEN touch-typing course.

  1. Online and interactive; each exercise is motivating and works like a game;
  2. The unique TypeReflex® learning method ensures you’ll touch-type words right away instead of mundane, unreadable letter combinations;
  3. At the end of each touch-typing lesson, you can play one of the 7 challenging typing games;
  4. After completion of each typing lesson, parent’s can receive an e-mail with the study results of their child;
  5. Personal advice for keys that need extra attention;
  6. You can start the touch-typing course instantly after registering;
  7. There is a 14-day cancellation period;
  8. The TICKEN touch-typing course operates climate neutral. All related CO2 is compensated;
  9. A price of £77,50 for the complete touch-typing course; the unique Skinny Typehelp® is optional.

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Customer reviews

I received my own typing diploma when I was 11, and I have had lots of advantages from it (and still do). For a couple of days, my wife has been taking the TICKEN course, and I do not know what it is,...
Michael Cousin