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Diploma Touch-typing Skills

After you have completed the touch-typing course, you can sit the online exam for the Diploma Touch-typing Skills.

Current time results for the touch-typing exam

The average score of all registered touch-typing exams are: speed 173 CPM at an accuracy of 99.9%.
Until this moment, 13-12-2019, 94.7% passed the exam directly.

The touch-typing exam process

The exam is online, just like the touch-typing course. You do the exam on your own computer, whenever it suits you.

You'll get 7 minutes to touch-type a text. You have up to 3 attempts and can correct typing errors in this time. At the end, your best score will count.

The minimum requirement is 100 CPM with 1% remaining typing errors.

The last lesson is a mock touch-typing exam. You can then test yourself after following all the typing lessons, to see if you are ready to sit the exam.

It is not mandatory to take the touch-typing exam. But it is useful to have the Typing Skills Diploma, as more and more potential employers require one. They also know that those who touch-type work more efficiently, have healthier posture during typing and can concentrate better on the content of typing.

And let's face it who does not want evidence of a touch typing skill, a touch-typing diploma?

The online touch-typing skills exam costs £22,10 and you can sign up whenever you want.
Almost every student passes on the first attempt, but if you don’t, you can subscribe for the exam again, when you’re ready.

Objective testing of your touch-typing

It is especially important for the typing diploma that you are tested objectively. Due to the fact that the exam is taken via our website, the system automatically checks that you meet the qualifcation requirements. Therefore, we can gurantee the quality of the diploma awarded, and that it is a true reflection of your skills.

Touch-typing exam fee

The fee for the online touch-typing exam is only £22,10.

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Customer reviews

Thanks for your support! My son has a diploma magna cum laude now. We are very happy and proud of him. It's a good program.