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Dyslexia and touch-typing
Learning touch-typing is an important skill for any child, but especially for a child with dyslexia.

What is Dyslexia?

Beneficial effects of touch-typing and dyslexia

Remedial teachers advise children with dyslexia to learn touch-typing with the use of a laptop in the classroom. Dyslexic children, who master touch-typing can follow the pace in the class better.
To be able to learn touch-typing well, dyslexic children must do a suitable touch-typing course.

We’ve experienced that a child with dyslexia can complete our interactive touch-typing course successfully. To learn touch-typing with our TypeReflex® means learning in a unique and effective way.
The TICKEN touch-typing course does not use texts on paper during the touch-typing lessons. Therefore, your child does not always need to switch between reading text and computer screen, but sees the letters/words to type on the screen. An important advantage for children with dyslexia who want to learn touch-typing.

Positive influence of touch-typing

Learning touch-typing is a learning process with a proven positive impact on the development of letter and word images.
These beneficial effects arise due to:
  • Additional training of letter-sound coupling.
  • Interactive exercises with detection and correction when typing a wrong key.
  • Repeating the letters and letter combinations that form words.

Positive effect on language through touch-typing

A child with dyslexia experiences language as difficult and often runs behind. Thanks to the positive effects of touch-typing, they experience language more positive, which is good for their confidence. The student learns the keys via the unique TypeReflex® learning method. That way, you learn by typing real words and not boring, nonsensical combinations of letters. It is the most effective way to learn touch-typing. It reduces the typing course time with 50%. This typing course is affordable: £77,50 including VAT. Optional is the handy learning tool Skinny Typehelp®, a unique skin which covers your keyboard and helps to increase your typing speed, because when you're learning to touch-type, you should only be looking at your screen. To help you with this, you as a TICKEN student can order the Skinny Typehelp® at a reduced price of £11,65 including VAT and with free delivery (normally £16,65). You can start immediately and you have 12 months access. As a parent, you can receive your child’s results after each lesson, allowing you to stay involved and to help motivate and encourage your child.
To register for the TICKEN touch-typings course, click ‘Sign up’. There is a 14-day cancellation period. If you’re not satisfied, contact us and we will refund your course fee. No questions asked.

Free trial touch-typing lessons

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Customer reviews

I enjoyed the typing course... It was really fun and I learned a lot, though the exercises took a bit long... But otherwise it was great!