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The efficiency of a touch-typing course

'saves dozens of hours per year.'

You can see them everywhere: employees bent over their keyboard for hours, 'hunt and peck' typing with two fingers, thinking they are typing fast. This creates not only an unhealthy attitude, but also dozens of unnecessary lost days of working time per year.

An example. An employee, who, on average spends 4 hours per day typing, will save about 40 days (!) by learning to touch-type.
The student learns the keys via the unique TypeReflex® learning method. That way, you learn by typing real words and not boring, nonsensical combinations of letters. It is the most effective way to learn touch-typing. It reduces the typing course time with 50%.
The online typing course, typing skills for companies, including the online exam for a typing certificate is £99,60 per registered employee. With the company license for the touch-typing course, you can order the Skinny Typehelp® for £16,65.
The question is not if a company’s employees should learn touch-typing; the question is if an enterprise can afford employees who cannot touch-type.

Take the 1-2-3-typing test and see what touch-typing can do for you.

  1. Take the 1-minute typing speedtest to determine your current 'hunt and peck' typing speed.
  2. Submit the data below.
  3. Calculate how much time touch-typing will save you.

Number of working hours per week
Number of hours per day spent ‘hunt and peck’ typing
My number of days off per year
The estimated number of working days per year that I am absent (sick, training, etc.)
My current (normal) typing speed, as measured with the 1-minute speedtest
My age (which affects the expected learning curve)
Your expected touch-typing speed (from 6 months after the typing course)
Your annual time savings, thanks to touch-typing in full working days

The calculation is a fair estimate, but the result varies from person to person. No rights are granted to the calculation.

The TICKEN typing course: do it yourself

The online typing course can be done instantly. After company registration, enter the email addresses of employees who will do the course. They will receive an e-mail instantly and can log in and commence the course. The course can be done at home or at work, as the course is completely online.

The typing course in 30 effective touch-typing lessons.

The TICKEN touch-typing course has a unique approach and learning method. If an employee completes one typing lesson (25’-30’) each working day, they will be able to touch-type within 6 weeks.
Besides fast typing, there’s also a positive effect to OHS. The employee sits upright during touch-typing. While typing, the focus is on the screen, not the keyboard.
During the first period, the typing speed will not be optimal, because the finger movements must be 'automated' in the brain, but as the employee touch types more frequently, the typing speed will increase rapidly after completion of the touch-typing course.

Try the free introduction lessons to see the touch-typing course for yourself or read what differentiates the TICKEN touch-typing course different.

Prices and conditions of the touch-typing course

The conditions are clear and limited.
  • The online touch-typing course, including the online exam for a typing certificate is £99,60 per registered employee.
  • The initial VAT-invoice with a payment period of 14 days will contain the actual estimated number of students who will start the touch-typing course during the license year.
  • Before the end of the license year, a final settlement will occur on the basis of the actual number of students who started the touch-typing course. This is a credit or debit in relation to the first estimate.
  • You can download the Terms and Conditions as a PDF file.
Please contact us if you have any questions or go to the registration form.

The 10 pros of the TICKEN touch-typing course.
  • You can start the touch-typing course instantly after registering;
  • Online, so you can practise everywhere;
  • Each of the 30 typing lessons starts with an instructional video clip, that’s unique;
  • Interactive, so you will be informed directly when you hit a wrong key;
  • Each exercise is motivating and works like a game with a score list. At the end of each touch-typing lesson, you can play one of the 7 challenging typing games;
  • Personal advice for keys that need extra attention;
  • The typing skills exam is included, but not mandatory;
  • The coordinator of the company can monitor the development of the employees;
  • The TICKEN touch-typing course operates climate neutral. All related CO2 is compensated;
  • Last but not least; an attractive price of £99,60 for the complete touch-typing course including including the online exam for a typing certificate.