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Information for parents about our typing course

Typing lessons for children: a wise investment

Selecting the right typing course for your child is an important step before starting the course. The course you choose for your child should be challenging enough to keep them motivated, but not too difficult.

What’s the best age for children to start the typing course?
Nobody can estimate this better than you as a parent. To be successful, it is important for your child to practice regularly. Motivation is a very important factor, a child should experience typing lessons as fun and challenging, not boring or like a chore.

The choice for the TICKEN touch-typing course
This typing course is very suitable for children, as we use a combination of video, interactive typing lesson exercises and typing games. You learn the keys via the unique TypeReflex® learning method. That way, you learn by typing real words and not boring, nonsensical combinations of letters. It is the most effective way to learn touch-typing. It reduces your course time with 50%.

See the differentiating points of the TICKEN typing course. This typing course is affordable: £77,50 including VAT. Optional is the handy learning tool Skinny Typehelp®, a unique skin which covers your keyboard and helps to increase your typing speed. TICKEN students can order the Skinny Typehelp® for a reduced price of £11,65 including VAT and with free delivery (normally £16,65). You can start immediately and you have 12 months access. As a parent, you can receive your child’s results after each lesson, allowing you to stay involved and to help motivate and encourage your child.

You can try the first two lessons for free , without obligation. Or if you would like to start now, click ‘Continue’.



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I'm ready with ticken, it was a super, fun course and I recommend it to everyone! Goodbye! Lots of love from
Anne Kennedy