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Typing course as part of the curriculum
For an increasing number of parents and teachers, a touch-typing course is a good supplement to the curriculum of a modern school. Good typing skills and the ability to touch-type are valuable skills for every child. Children who can touch-type are better prepared for secondary school and future employment.
The student learns the keys via the unique TypeReflex® learning method. That way, you learn by typing real words and not boring, nonsensical combinations of letters. It is the most effective way to learn touch-typing. It reduces the typing course time with 50%.
The complete TICKEN touch-typing course, including exam costs £14.10 per student. It teaches children in 30 typing lessons, or an average of 15 hours. The method is challenging, interactive and online. This allows children to practice both at school and at home. There is no need to install software for the touch-typing course.

When the teacher can't touch-type
Thanks to the interactive teaching method, it is not required for the teacher to have touch-typing skills. Monitoring and motivating the students is their role. Parents can receive the results of their child after each touch-typing lesson. This helps them stay involved, and to provide encouragement and motivation for their child.

The right age for touch-typing
A good age for children to learn touch-typing is from age 8. Students learn in a playful way. The touch-typing course is also suitable from secondary school age.

Course content of the touch-typing course
The students learn to touch-type all letters, the major punctuation marks and word processing keys. After the 8 homerow key letters, they learn the letters according to the frequency analysis of our language. That is called the Typereflex® method, the key to learning touch-typing effectively. Of course, there is also a focus on healthy working posture during typing. Relaxation exercises are taught, because in the beginning it is common to have uncomfortable finger cramps. Each typing lesson consists of a clear instruction video, six short exercises and one of the seven touch-typing of games. Through these typing games the student is challenged to practice typing longer in a fun way.

Typing Skills Diploma
The typing course is concluded with an online test of the touch-typing skills. After passing the exam, the student receives the touch-typing diploma digitally. The required standard for a typing skills diploma is a minimum typing speed of 100 CPM with an accuracy of at least 99%.

Learning touch-typing independently
The student can do the touch-typing course independently. The program gives clear instructions through video clips and instantly generates an audiovisual signal when a wrong key is typed. After each exercise, the student sees the results in a ranking list. The personal page with study results shows the student which keys were correct and which not. The student can repeat exercises if needed. In the beginning, all focus is on accuracy, the typing speed is only displayed in the final part. This approach works very effectively. The typing speed increases with experience after the touch-typing course.

The teacher's role
It is not required for the teacher to have touch-typing skills. The role of the teacher is to motivate. Through their own comprehensive page with student's results, they will supervise at a glance and check the performance and progress of the students. Based on this information, students should be given praise or encouragment. The teacher also has the ability to complete a touch-typing course.

Prices and conditions
The conditions for a school license are limited and clear.

For schools the following prices are valid:
- Touch-typing course including the exam £14.10 for each registered student.
- School License £81.35 per license year per school, including teachers' manual and free touch-typing course for the supervising teachers.
You can order the SKINNY TYPEHELP® in combination with the school's course at £11.42. The Skinny Typehelp® is a specially designed keyboard cover for touch-typing courses, that fits like a second skin on your keyboard. It’s advised, not mandatory.
An invoice with a payment period of 14 days will be sent when the license year commences, based on the estimated number of students which are estimated to start the course during the license year. Before the end of the license year a final settlement will be agreed on the basis of the actual number of pupils involved. This may be an additional payment or a refund.
The course fee is independent to the number of pupils per school. The license agreement duration is 12 months and is automatically renewed, but there is no notice.
Our Terms and Conditions for the touch-typing course for schools can be downloaded as a PDF-document.
Please contact us if you have any questions or go to the registration form by clicking the orange button below. You can stop the registration process at any time.


Customer reviews

I think it is really great that I can touch type so well now. I advise this course other kids too. Best regards,
Sophie Nolan