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Price and Guarantee for the typing course

The online typing course costs £77,50 including VAT. Optional is the handy learning tool Skinny Typehelp®, a unique skin which covers your keyboard and helps to increase your typing speed, because when you're learning to touch-type, you should only be looking at your screen. To help you with this, you as a TICKEN student can order the Skinny Typehelp® for a reduced price of £11,65 including VAT and with free delivery (normally £16,65). This guarantees a faster typing speed.
Try the first typing lessons for free and experience why thousands of people choose the TICKEN course annually.

Touch-typing skills diploma

It is not mandatory to do the exam for a TICKEN touch-typing skills diploma, but it is of course a great way to show off your skills. The online examination after the touch-typing course costs £22,10.
More than 98% of candidates pass the exam on the first attempt.

Guarantee for the touch-typing course

There is a 14-day cancellation period. If you’re not satisfied, contact us and we will refund your course fee. No questions asked.

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Customer reviews

Thank you for my certificate, I've learnt to type in a short period of time. I think this typing course is the best there is - cheap and you can even do it whenever you want. Thumbs up! Smile! Thank y...
Sarah Moors