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Thanks for your help Tess! I'm touch-typing now!
Jack O'Connolly
It's a great typing course, although at first I felt quite differently about it. asdf asdf: boring! When the words appeared, like talk and else, I thought YES, now I’m touch typing! I am almost at lesson 27 now, so I’m almost done, and I can tell you that touch typing is cool! Friends find it awesome! In the beginning it's boring, then it becomes fun, then boring for some time, but finally it's a great experience. I would definitely opt for Ticken again (but I do not need to). There are fun games that you can do. This text is touch typed without looking at my keyboard of course. :-)
My own son already started at home with the private course and really enjoys it. As a parent I find the reminder useful: if nothing is done after five days, then an email is sent. That really helps.
Diny Young
Thank you for my certificate, I've learnt to type in a short period of time. I think this typing course is the best there is - cheap and you can even do it whenever you want. Thumbs up! Smile! Thank you,
Sarah Moors
I can type really fast now. I already passed the exam. The games are fun so a super rating: a big 10. (I will miss the lessons). I recommend this to everyone:)
Thomas White
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I loved it! A 10 for ticken.