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Customer experiences with the TICKEN touch-typing course
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I really appreciate this course and really enjoyed practising. Now I’m touch typing everything. Cool!
Danielle Farewell
I loved it! A 10 for ticken.
I have received my diploma. It was a great course. It was nice that you could see the results of others. Sometimes it was quite difficult to persevere. I shall certainly promote you among my girlfriends. Thanks and greetings
Lisa Linssen
I will miss Ticken, but I am happy with my certificate! Kind regards,
Eline Summer
I liked the course and can now touch type everything. I'm glad I succeeded and no longer have to practise every day.
David Grismore
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Customer reviews

Thanks for the great service! When our youngest is ready for it, she will certainly take this course. We've already passed your website address to acquaintances who were interested, so keep it up! Reg...