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Customer experiences with the TICKEN touch-typing course
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It is a fun typing course! You really learn a lot and fast! With every lesson you get a typing game. This makes typing lessons fun!
I'm ready with ticken, it was a super, fun course and I recommend it to everyone! Goodbye! Lots of love from
Anne Kennedy
Yessss I passed and have my diploma. Good luck to everyone else!! Jamie xxx
I enjoyed the typing course... It was really fun and I learned a lot, though the exercises took a bit long... But otherwise it was great!
I think it is really great that I can touch type so well now. I advise this course other kids too. Best regards,
Sophie Nolan
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I have received my diploma. It was a great course. It was nice that you could see the results of others. Sometimes it was quite difficult to persevere. I shall certainly promote you among my girlfrien...
Lisa Linssen