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Thanks for your help Tess! I'm touch-typing now!
Jack O'Connolly
It's a great typing course, although at first I felt quite differently about it. asdf asdf: boring! When the words appeared, like talk and else, I thought YES, now I’m touch typing! I am almost at lesson 27 now, so I’m almost done, and I can tell you that touch typing is cool! Friends find it awesome! In the beginning it's boring, then it becomes fun, then boring for some time, but finally it's a great experience. I would definitely opt for Ticken again (but I do not need to). There are fun games that you can do. This text is touch typed without looking at my keyboard of course. :-)
My own son already started at home with the private course and really enjoys it. As a parent I find the reminder useful: if nothing is done after five days, then an email is sent. That really helps.
Diny Young
Thank you for my certificate, I've learnt to type in a short period of time. I think this typing course is the best there is - cheap and you can even do it whenever you want. Thumbs up! Smile! Thank you,
Sarah Moors
I can type really fast now. I already passed the exam. The games are fun so a super rating: a big 10. (I will miss the lessons). I recommend this to everyone:)
Thomas White
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Thanks for the great service! When our youngest is ready for it, she will certainly take this course. We've already passed your website address to acquaintances who were interested, so keep it up! Reg...