The 1-2-3-typing test calculates your expected touch-typing speed

  1. Take the 1-minute typing speedtest to determine your current 'hunt and peck' typing speed.
  2. Submit the data below.
  3. Calculate how much time touch-typing will save you.

Number of working hours per week
Number of hours per day spent ‘hunt and peck’ typing
My number of days off per year
The estimated number of working days per year that I am absent (sick, training, etc.)
My current (normal) typing speed, as measured with the 1-minute speedtest
My age (which affects the expected learning curve)
Your expected touch-typing speed (from 6 months after the typing course)
Your annual time savings, thanks to touch-typing in full working days

The calculation is a fair estimate, but the result varies from person to person. No rights are granted to the calculation.