1. I have a technical problem. The programme does not work properly.

Our advice:
Follow these steps until your problem is solved:
  1. Log out completely and restart your computer.
    Computers can do strange things sometimes, and need to be 'reset' this way.
  2. You may have to refresh your "javascript library". Normally you can solve this by refreshing the page, and hitting CTRL + F5 at the same time. This combination ensures that your web browser reloads images, javascript, etc. You can also click on the pictogram Refresh (F5 function key, menu or Refresh).
  3. If the problem still exists:
    - Check you Flash Player software now by clicking at this link. If you don’t have the latest version, install the latest free version of Flash Player from
    - Download the latest version of your browser. If you have an older version, this may cause problems.
    If you use Internet Explorer, download the latest version from: or
    After installing, restart the computer.
  4. If the problem still exists, it is recommended to install Firefox.
    You can download Firefox for free, from:
    Firefox is very safe, and easy to use, and is already the number one browser in Europe.
Install Firefox in a few easy steps:
  1. Click the Firefox download button.
  2. Follow the steps to install Firefox and import your bookmarks, passwords and other settings from IE by checking the relevant boxes.
  3. Launch Firefox from the Start menu, launch bar or by clicking on the desktop icon.

Restart your computer.

2. Is it possible to repeat touch-typing lessons?

Yes, you can repeat touch-typing lessons.
Log in and click 'my study results' on the homepage, then click the green, orange or red key on the displayed keyboard. You will be led right back to the relevant touch-typing lesson.

3. I didn't receive an e-mail with my child's results.

After each completed touch-typing lesson, an email with the study results will be sent to you, if your e-mail address is submitted during the registration procedure. Your e-mail address must be different from the email address your child’s, as the system identifies the student by email address.

Check the page "Personal Details" to check if your e-mail address is submitted correctly in one of the relevant fields for parental e-mail addresses.

In case your child does not have a personal email address, you can create one for free with Gmail, Yahoo or other mail provider.
If you don't want your child to have an email address yet, you can decide to use this one for TICKEN specifically, so you can register yours in one of the three parental e-mail fields.

4. Part of the text in the exercise is not displayed. I don’t see a button.

This is probably due to your display settings, and is easy to solve.
Go to the page where you are having problems, put the cursor on it, then right click on the mouse, and click 'Zoom'.
If you can't right click, look in the top menu under 'View'. Sometimes at the bottom of the page, the zoom percentage is displayed, e.g. 90%. This should be 100%.

You can also try to press CTRL +0, so the CTRL key down while you press the button with the number 0.

5. I cannot log in, or I've forgotten my password.

Check that you spelled your email address and password correctly, also check that the 'Caps Lock' is off.

If your password is difficult to remember, it is recommended that you write it down, store it in a safe place on your computer, and copy and paste it to the log in field.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one by clicking 'Forgot your password?’ under the orange button 'Log In' on the log in page of 'My Ticken'.

6. Is the TICKEN touch-typing course compatible with Mac?

Yes, the online touch-typing course can be used on any computer with internet access.

7a. How long do I have access to my touch-typing course?

You have 12 months access to the touch-typing course.
If you log in and go to ‘Study Results’, you can look forward in the calendar. The date highlighted in red, is the date when your access expires.

7b. Can I extend my touch-typing course?

Yes, you can extend your touch-typing course, and save your current results and data.
Register again using the same email address and password, continue to Step 1, and click the link 'to the login screen’.

8. Can I repeat the touch-typing games?

Yes, you can play typing games from the completed touch-typing lessons. On the page ‘Study Results’, you will see this option below the calendar.

9. How long does the course last?

The touch-typing course consists of 30 lessons of 30 minutes on average each. Thanks to the unique course structure and interactive process, the total time for this touch-typing course takes only about 15 hours.
The time of the typing games is not included, as these are purely for practice.

10. How can I repeat the mock exam?

To repeat the mock exam, go to ‘Study Results’ and click on ‘mock exam’.
Note: this option will only be displayed after completion of the last typing lesson.
Some extra mock exams will then also be displayed.

11. The log in screen is white.

Your page is not loaded properly. Reload the page to fix any loading errors, using the Refresh button. Or press the F5 key or CTRL+F5 or in the top menu: View > Refresh, or CTRL+R, or Apple+R or right mouse button > Refresh, depending on your operating system.

You can also log in at

12. Is the TICKEN touch-typing diploma an accredited, recognized certificate?

There is no official type of diploma accredited by the Government, as touch-typing is not mandatory in schools.
Your TICKEN touch-typing diploma shows you meet a minimum typing speed of 20 wpm (100 cpm) and at least 99% accuracy.

13. The colours on my screen look strange.

Conduct a colour test and make sure your monitor displays colours at the highest position (minimum 32 bit).
If you use Internet Explorer, follow the steps:

Mac: left click on the Apple Logo> System Preferences> Displays.

Monitor tab - Colours: Millions
Tab Colour - Calibrate ...

14. Is it possible to practice the touch-typing course offline?

Our touch-typing course is available online only.

15. I want to cancel my registration.

You are allowed to cancel until 14 days after your registration.
In that case, your course fee will be refunded not later than 14 days after the cancellation is received.
Surcharges, if any, are not credited.
Surf to

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