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proven the fasted touch-typing course

The fastest touch-typing course

Now you can learn touch-typing in only 15 hours (30 lessons) with this award winning, motivating touch-typing course. Each of the 30 typing lessons starts with an instructional video clip, followed by inspiring, interactive exercises and (not mandatory) typing games.

TypeReflex® learning method

You learn the keys via the unique TypeReflex® learning method. That way, you learn by typing real words and not boring, nonsensical combinations of letters. Compared with any other typing cours, it reduces your typing course study time with 50%.

Skinny Typehelp® and Certificate

Optional is the handy learning tool Skinny Typehelp®, a thin rubber skin which covers your keyboard and helps to increase your focus and typing speed.
The typing course is (optional) concluded with an online test of your touch-typing skills to earn your Certificate.

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Skinny Typehelp® keyboard cover

Only available at TICKEN.

The Skinny Typehelp® is a specially designed keyboard cover for touch-typing courses, that fits like a second skin on your keyboard.

You can take it off when you’re ready and re-use it again and again.
The advantage to practice with the Skinny Typehelp® is that you can focus better on your touch-typing.